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Established in 2012, the Bachar Houli Foundation (BHF) is a unique not-for-profit organisation that aims to develop young leaders within the Muslim community. The BHF focuses on four strategic pillars: ENGAGEMENT, EDUCATION, EMPLOYMENT AND TALENT which are underpinned by twelve unique programs, reaching over five thousand young people annually. Our vision is to provide young people with opportunities to be “the best versions of themselves” which is supported through a national program’s framework developed by experienced staff and leaders.


The Bachar Houli Foundation (BHF) launched its inaugural program in 2012 intending to provide young Muslims with the opportunities to engage and participate in organised sport. The BHF’s strategic pillars focus on engagement, education, employment, and talent – all being underpinned by twelve cutting-edge programs delivered annually across Australia.

In 2012, the BHF engaged 50 participants in its first Academy program. Now – over ten years later – its programs have now reached over 35,000 participants nationally and counting.

Our programs are strongly supported by our education framework which encompasses the four pillars of mental peak performance, leadership, identity, and physical development; all of which have helped shape our participants into better individuals and community leaders.

The Foundation is proud of how our programs have flourished and positively impacted the lives of many young people. We’re passionate about the impactful work, and together with the support of our partners, we are ensuring that the next generation of young Muslims can reach their full potential.

Our Mission

To foster community harmony and provide development opportunities for young Muslim people through sports.

Our Vision

Our vision is to contribute to building a culturally safe Australia through the lens of sport, where young Muslims from all backgrounds are empowered to make the most of their opportunities and contribute to a thriving multicultural nation.




Providing a community entry point and programs to support young people in their early development
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Providing pathway opportunities into sporting careers
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Nurturing the best talent on and off the field to foster strong role models
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Since being established in 2012, the Bachar Houli Foundation has seen many successes:

35,000 young people engaged in BHF Pathway Programs
75% of Employment Program participants have transitioned into full-time sports employment
0 %
Over 40 Islamic Colleges participate in the Bachar Houli Cup nationally
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  • To promote community harmony and mutual understanding through sport
  • To support young people to be the best versions of themselves
  • To provide pathways for young Muslims through sport
  • To connect the Muslim community to mainstream Australia
  • To improve community engagement and participation
  • To empower young Muslims as role models



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